The K9s of K9K


Labrador Retriever, Abby played Flyball for about 6 years.  She retired in 2013 at the age of 12.  Adopted by Teresa as a 2-year-old, Abby started trained in obedience, Rally and Canine Freestyle before finding Flyball.  She loved Flyball more than any other activity and once she landed on K9K, she blossomed. Abby ran in the high 4/low 5 range during her prime.  Most notable about Abby as a Flyball dog was her consistency - she never made a mistake - ever.  She was the perfect dog for training up-and-comers on passing and her box turn was spot on.  As a senior, Abby  enjoys daily walks and playing catch.  


Trish's partner, Bella is an Australian Shepherd straight from Craig's List. She is the sweetest most lovable dog on the planet. With tons of enthusiasm and energy, flyball seemed like a good fit.  Her fastest time was at CanAm 2014 with a 4.934. Bella enjoys agility, playing frisbee, swimming, running, traveling, learning, cuddling and being Trish's shadow.


Aussie, Blitz, is loved and trained by Teresa.  Blitz came into Teresa’s life as a 4 year old who loved working stock.  She continued stock work while learning flyball at her own pace and made her flyball debut as a 7 year old! Never the the fastest dog in the lanes, Blitz enjoyed playing the game.  Mostly retired from flyball, she is best described as a “late bloomer” flyball dog. Blitz loves her daily run or walk more than anything and also enjoys stock work and backyard agility fun.


Officially known as Kung Fu Panda, “Bunny" the pit bull terrier was rescued from the Wake County Animal Shelter in the spring of 2013 when she was about a year old.  After a year in foster care she began training in flyball in hopes of finding her a sport home.  After two years in foster care she officially became a member of the K9K family and lives with Amy and Jack . Bunny loves playing, playing, playing, chasing squirrels (which includes practicing her turns off the privacy fence. She loves taking tricks class and any other class that allows her to stay in motion.  Her enthusiasm for life is hard to contain in that powerhouse little body.  She’s picked up flyball pretty fast and it’s a great way to channel all of that energy.  



Flare Brown

Officially “Cheswood’s Busy BN Fabulous”, Flare is the naughtiest, craziest, fastest, and brownest Aussie you’ve ever known. She has simply incredible drive and started racing at 3-years old, posting a best time of 4.1 with lots more to give. Definitely a training challenge, Flare has taught Mark so much but she is certainly proving to be worth the effort.  Flare can best be described as intense, loud, and brown.


According to Amy, Jack is a perfect American Pit Bull Terrier.  Officially Jack Rabbit CGC, TT, AXJ, OA, FM, MBDCH-S was rescued from the Petersburg Animal Shelter in 2009 as a 2 year old. As a high drive, high energy boy he started agility training and then moved into flyball when he turned 5 years old.  He competes in AKC agility as well as running on the K9K team.  His personal best was at the 2013 Dog Gone Fast tournament in Raleigh with a time of 4.889.  He just likes to have a good time and play with Amy, it’s bonus when the play also includes tennis balls and tug toys.  He’s a great dog to run as nothing phases him, he’s cool under pressure and always brings his ball back.  Amy thinks he’s the best dog in the world.




Officially “Quicksilver Playing With Fire FM AD” Match is a Brat (border collie x rat terrier) born to play flyball. He is also talented in agility and has competed in both UKI and USDAA. His fastest time in the lanes is 3.998 over his own height of 9”. Match’s favorite activities include sleeping under the covers, and doing whatever his best friend, Mark is doing.


Pea is a purebred whippet born on September 6, 2009 and was a present to Erin McNeill from her husband for passing the Virginia Bar exam. Finally, something to make law school worth it! Her full name is Mariner's Miss Peacock in the Study MC, FCH, TRP, PR, RN, RL1X, RL2, RATI, RATO, CGC. Pea's proudest achievements are placing second in the Amature-Owner-Handler Bitch class at the 2014 AWC National, even though her owner-handler had the norovirus and was about to throw up the whole time. Pea carried her team to the ribbons even when her hander could barely stand. Pea is also only the seventh whippet in history to earn the Barn Hunt Open title and has been a tremendous ambassador to other whippet owners in the sport. Pea loves posing for pictures and sleeping under blankets.




Radar is a cute little old Rat Terrier rescue adopted by Teresa in 2014.  Weighing in at 12 pounds, Radar is a bundle of energy and joy. She loves to work and is a quick study. Radar is great height dog and has fun in the lanes.  She also enjoys long runs and hikes and playing backyard agility.


Rhaegar is a purebred whippet born on March 10, 2013. His official name is Mariner's Dragon Prince of Surrey Hill, PR, RL1X2, RL2-AOE, RATI, RATN. In addition to his title-earning achievements, he has placed second in his class at the American Whippet Club Nationals in lure coursing in 2014 and 2015. He is also only the second whippet in history to earn the WCRL Level 2 Rally title with an Award of Excellence. Rhaegar loves playing fetch with a tiny tennis ball and snuggling with his favorite person, Erin.


Shine is a Australian Cattle Dog adopted by Bill from Saving Grace in NC. She started competing at around 16 months old and recently earned her Onyx (20,000 points). Her best time is a 4.3 and she can best be described as consistent.






The one who started it all for Mark! Spark is Australian Shepherd who is often referred to as ‘Ms Congeniality’. She was adopted from Saving Grace in NC as a puppy and excels in everything she does! Spark truly loves the game, doing a superb job at training new handlers - always willing to run for anybody and a blast to run! Favorite things include: people, swimming, and Bender



Wilson is Brenna's Black Lab who loves to play flyball.  He’s not quite ready for prime time, but has earned the title FD. Wilson enjoys taking long walks and runs, playing with his neighbor buddies, and lounging on the couch.