Mark Pownall

Mark attends The College of William and Mary and has been playing flyball since he got his first dog, Spark, at the age of 13. Now Mark also has Flare Brown, the naughtiest Aussie you’ve ever known, and Match, an incredible Quicksilver Brat.  Enjoys: Go Time! Learning, and Running Fast. Does not enjoy: Waiting. Mark also competes in agility with Match and has dabbled in herding and disc.

Teresa Pownall

Teresa started playing Flyball with K9K with her first Flyball dog, Abby. She currently runs her Rat Terrier, Radar. Outside of Flyball, Teresa enjoys running and hiking with her dogs, backyard agility and any activity that keeps them all active and in shape!  Teresa likes Flyball because of the fast pace, the team aspect and the amount of control dogs need to demonstrate to succeed... And the dogs love it!  When not doing “dog” stuff, Teresa works in the Human Resources field and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Bill Pownall

Bill is a consulting forester with Forest Resources Management, which is a small privately owned company. He has been casually participating in flyball since 2008 and began competing more seriously after getting his own dog, Shine, in 2009. Because of Bill’s job he is able to take Shine to work with him most days and she gets to run through the woods all day while Bill is working. Bill’s favorite thing about flyball is the camaraderie, both with his own teammates and with members of other teams in and out of our region. Outside of flyball he enjoys spending time with his family and following the NC State Wolfpack.

Brenna Dunn

Brenna attends The Mathematics and Science High School at Clover Hill.  In addition to flyball, Brenna participates in Crew.  She has been playing flyball since she was eleven. Brenna is very enthusiastic about flyball and also enjoys agility, hiking and road trips with her Black Lab, Wilson.  The thing that Brenna likes most about flyball is spending time with her dog and teammates.

Trisha Ferris

Trish is the owner of Studio1, a graphic art studio. She started flyball in 2011 with her Aussie, Bella as a way to keep her hyper pup exercised through the winter months. With no intention to join a team, she was eventually sucked into the sport and is now addicted. In 2013, Trish acquired a new member to her team, Tucker, a Miniature Aussie. Trish enjoys drawing, piddling around on her many stringed instruments, running, hiking, camping, swimming, biking, kayaking, playing frisbee with her pups and hanging out with friends and family.

   Amy Henderson

Amy started in flyball in 2011 when her dog Jack started having some issues with weave poles in agility. Wanting something to do while working out some training bumps and have been playing ever since.  To support her dog habit she works in Radiology at a local hospital in Richmond VA.  She started fostering Kung Fu Panda in 2014 and recently added her to the K9K family.  Other dog sport interests are in Agility and Nosework and hoping to move into Barn Hunt as the dogs get a little older. So many sports and so little time!  What I love best about flyball is how much everyone really seems to love their dog and take joy in the fact that they are dogs!  Anything can happen and it’s Ok, just roll with it and have a good time.  It’s about having fun with your dog.  Outside of flyball, Amy loves gardening, reading and watching horrible Syfy original monster movies.

Erin Rose McNeill

Erin began training in Flyball in the fall of 2015 and became an immediate enthusiast. Her first Flyball dog is Rhaegar, a whippet who took his first Flyball class as a 2 year old. After just a few months, she started training her then-six year old whippet Peacock too. Erin, Rhae, and Peacock came to flyball after success in Rally, Lure Coursing, Barn Hunt and whippet straight racing. They also compete in Obedience, but have had the most success in the speedy sports. Her day job is an attorney specializing in liability defense litigation. When she isn't competing or training in a dog sport, she is knitting or playing on the computer. 


                                                                                          Mary-Ellen Burnette

Mary started playing flyball in 2012. She is owned by Rally, a rescued border collie, and Seeya, a border-staffy-jack mix. Mary is a professional tree climber in Richmond. One of her favorite things about flyball is camping in her tent with her dogs! In her spare time Mary loves to explore the vineyard behind her house, cook, read books, and                                                                                               water her houseplants. 


Briana Baldino

Briana started playing flyball in 2015 with her Cattle Dog mix, Merlin.  Merlin made his debut at our own tournament in 2017 and plays like he means it.  He plays to win.  Briana added Muse, a sport mix to her family in May 2017.  We can't wait to see Muse in the lanes!  Outside of Flyball, Briana is a Physical Therapist.  She also enjoys playing agility and hiking with the dogs. By the way, did you notice Merlin's cute, spotted feet?  We think he's pretty perfect!