The K9s of K9K

Officially named Keep Em Going’s Always a Blast, “Blast” is a border collie, who debuted in October 2014 at 15 months old. She currently holds the title of FMCH and has a personal best of 3.9.

Blast loves to play flyball and frisbee and to go hiking and swimming. You know Blast is in the room waiting to play flyball because of her unique and loud scream.  


Bunny, or Kung Fu Panda, is Amy Hendrickson’s American pit bull terrier who debuted in February 2015 at just over 3 years old. She currently holds the titles of CGC, MBDCH-G, & FMX and has a personal best of 4.199.

Bunny came from the Wake County Animal Shelter. Their shelter had sent out a plea to all rescue groups that they were over-full, beyond capacity, and some dogs were going to be “put on the list” as they had been available for too long with no interest. A friend went and checked out a few dogs, and “Sweetie Bunnie” was one of the dogs she chose to foster. After 6 months in foster with a friend, she was brought to Amy to get some sport training to enhance her adoptability. And she just stayed . . .


Fizz is a Quicksilver dog (Match X Elphie), born in March 2018. She is the newest addition to the Pownall family and is such a special girl. She's athletic, smart, cute, funny, and has tons of personality. Fizz has kept them smiling since the day she came home. She loves to learn as much as she loves to play. Fizz has excellent PR skills and has been laying the groundwork for her grassroots campaign to be a future sport-mix ambassador.


Flare Brown is the Pownalls’ Cheswood aussie and comes from stock dog lines. She is sweet, funny, opinionated, and loud. Flare Brown is loyal and loves doing everything and anything with her people. Flare Brown has been transitioning from being a “one-lane wonder” to a flyball dog who can run successfully in both lanes. In her mind, 2019 is the year of the Very Brown Bear.

Flare Brown debuted in January 2014 when she was just under 3 years old. She currently holds the titles of FMX & MBDCH-G and has a personal best run of 4.0.


Hot Sauce (ITS The Spice Of Life), a variety pack mixy-mix born in July 2018, is the newest member of the Sklenar family! Everyone loves her, both human and canine. She is Nacho's best friend and has Tracy’s husband wrapped around her tiny paws. She is the perfect combo of sweet cuddlyness and hard-hitting drive to train & play.

She is currently training in flyball and agility and thinks both are super cool.


Juno is a rescue Linda adopted from German Shepherd Rescue and Adoptions (GSRA) in Raleigh, NC. At about five months old, she came to live with her forever family at her forever home in December 2011. Her foster mom keeps in touch and sometimes comes to watch her play flyball when we're in Raleigh. She is a sweet, good-natured girl who loves all forms of play but especially loves her jolly ball, tennis balls, and, of course, flyball. She has played flyball since 2014 and currently holds the titles FMCH & MBDCH-S.


Maddy was born to feral parents under a bridge in Richmond, VA and was about 6 weeks old when Mathias & Amy found her in July 2015. They named her "Madison" after the only bridge-related reference they could think of, the movie Bridges of Madison County. At a little over two years old, she started training for flyball for fun, and is still trying to learn to be focused despite distractions. She really loves the game and especially tug-time! When she is not busy learning flyball, Maddy enjoys participating in dock diving, in which she earned the title of DJ (dock junior) and a personal best of 13.3’ in August 2019.


Match is a Quicksilver dog (Bing x Topper) who debuted in August 2013, a couple months after his first birthday. He is from the very first BRAT litter. Match is athletic, smart, and hard working. He enjoys doing things as fast as he can, but he has a lovely off-switch. Match is a super-consistent flyball dog and also enjoys agility training. Match is a rule follower at heart, but still loves to have fun, especially with his person, Mark, and Fizz.

Match currently holds the titles of ONYX & MBM and has a personal best of 4.0.


Merlin, an Australian cattle dog-velociraptor mix born in November 2014, is Briana’s first dog as an adult (Nathan’s first dog ever!). She found him on Craigslist for $25 from a farm out in the sticks. Surprise surprise, the Craigslist cattle dog mix was a weird, fearful mess who also happened to be a lot of dog to live with. Fast forward through hard work, learning experiences, tears, and hours of playing fetch in the park when they stumbled into flyball. Merlin debuted in March 2017 and currently holds the titles of FMX (Flyball Master Excellent), MBDX (Multibreed Dog Excellent), AD (Agility Dog), BID (Beginner International Dog), & SSB (Speedstakes Beginner). In flyball, his personal best is 3.868.

Merlin lives to play flyball and can be found in the lanes barking at the top his lungs while slinging spit everywhere. He also dabbles in agility and is dedicated to training his human to be a better handler.


Officially named ITS Source of Inspiration, Muse is a sport mix (border collie, whippet, staffie, mini-aussie, terrier) bred primarily for flyball and agility. As a two year old, she debuted in June 2019 at “The Nut.” Muse enjoys long naps, running fast, stealing things, and being right. She’s perfecting her ability to con people out of snacks with her looks and she’s going to be a killer flyball and agility dog once she learns that collection isn’t just for chumps. She currently holds the title of FDCh and has a personal best of 3.68.

Her goals for 2019 include putting some letters behind her name (check), be faster than her brother Merlin (check), and receive more compliments on her good looks (check). Her accomplishments for 2019 thus far include ranking #18 out of 1,120 dog/handler teams in Toss and Fetch, winning a cupcake for completing 6 closed weaves, and turning down many boy dogs because she ain’t got time for that.


Crackhead Smoke Ya! (yes, that is actually his AKC-registered name LOL!), better known as Nacho, was born in Florida and came to join Tracy’s crew as a baby papillon. He has trained/competed/titled in agility, but only kinda sorta liked it. Then he was enlisted to be the experimental dog for the momma learning to train flyball to prepare for the puppy, Hot Sauce, . . . turns out, he has decided that flyball is his life's work and has gone from not ever picking up a ball to FDX in fewer than 5 months. Utterly insane! He is looking forward to more flyball and is incredibly thankful to his friends on K9K for showing him what he needed to know for his debut in April 2019. Nacho currently holds the title of FDCh.


Petzl, an Australian cattle dog, was a return to his breeder at 8 months old for chewing in the autumn of 2018 . . . though Mary says he has never chewed anything inappropriate in their home! Mary initially planned to foster him and “fix” his issues but quickly fell in love. He is the easiest dog and makes them laugh daily with his antics. He would prefer to crawl under your skin if possible and has a strong cuddle game. He is a cattle dog but identifies as a border collie. Petzl hopes to debut in flyball in 2019.


Radar, a rat terrier, was pulled from a shelter in West Virginia and made her way to Teresa as a foster. As it happened, the little dog who was scared of everything found her courage, learned how to play flyball at age 3, and fit in well with the Pownall family. Radar is a fun little dog with a super-sweet disposition. She's a pretty solid height dog and enjoys agility training. We're lucky things worked out the way they did.

Radar holds the titles of FMCH & MBDCH and had her personal best of 4.3 at her debut tournament in February 2015.


Rally, a.k.a. Paul, is a rescue from North Carolina who Mary met in 2012 when he was a year old. He is Mary’s first dog and first flyball dog, debuting in May 2014. He is always happy and has been known to bring Mary blades of grass to “throw.” Paul can run for anyone but adores his mommy. He is also a great disc dog and dabbles in agility.

Rally holds the titles of FMCH (Flyball Master Champion) & MBDCH-S (Multibreed Dog Champion Silver) and has a personal best of 3.83.


Rave, a.k.a. Gravy, is a purebred border collie from Pennsylvania who is up for anything you ask her to do. She loves to play flyball and frisbee, to swim, and to chase squirrels. Rave is all business when she is working, but at home she just wants to lay on you and cuddle.

Rave debuted in March 2019 and holds the title of FDX. Her personal best time is 4.4.


Seeya is a sport mix (Border-Collie-Staffie-Jack) from Canada. She is the best dog in the world and thinks very highly of herself, understandably. Seeya enjoys barking and running and bossing around the boys. She is an excellent disc dog and would crush the agility course if she had a human to take her back to lessons.

Seeya debuted in flyball in April 2015, just shy of her second birthday, and holds the titles of FMX (Flyball Master Excellent) & MBDX (Multibreed Dog Excellent). Her personal best is 3.9.


Bill adopted Shine, an Australian cattle dog, from Saving Grace in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Shine's favorite thing to do is go to work with Bill and share breakfast along the way. Shine is a consistent flyball dog, willing to run on any lineup and in any position. She is funny and loyal and totally low maintenance.

Shine debuted in March 2011 when she was a year & a half, and since then she has accumulated the titles of FGDCH & MBMCH. Her personal best is 4.4.


Voodoo, a border collie x Croatian sheepdog mix, is the son of an accidental breeding of two top-level agility dogs in Croatia. No one wanted him! One look at his cute face and Tracy knew he was part of her family. He is an amazing agility dog, and the best life partner one could ever ask for.

Voodoo is now figuring out that flyball is super fun and not just for papillons.