Retired and Hall of Fame K9K Dogs

Retired Kamikazes

Trish's partner Bella is an Australian shepherd straight from Craig's List. She is the sweetest most lovable dog on the planet. With tons of enthusiasm and energy, flyball seemed like a good fit. Her fastest time was at CanAm 2014 with a 4.934. Bella enjoys agility, playing frisbee, swimming, running, traveling, learning, cuddling and being Trish's shadow.

Bella retired in late 2017 after a five-year racing career, during which she accumulated 17,678 points and earned the titles of Flyball Master Champion and a Multibreed Dog Champion-Silver.

Blitz, an Aussie, is loved and trained by Teresa. Blitz came into Teresa’s life as a 4 year old who loved working stock. She continued stock work while learning flyball at her own pace and made her flyball debut as a 7 year old! Though never the the fastest dog in the lanes, Blitz enjoyed playing the game as a “late bloomer” flyball dog. Blitz loves her daily run or walk more than anything and also enjoys stock work and backyard agility fun.

Blitz debuted at HJJ’s 2012 Turkey Trot and in 3 1/2 years of racing accumulated 7,004 points, earning the title of Flyball Master (FM).

Jack Rabbit, or just “Jack,” debuted at HJJ’s 2013 Spring Fling. He is an American Pit Bull Terrier Amy Hendrickson calls “Mr. Perfect.” Amy rescued Jack from Petersburg Animal Control, where he wound up after having been found running at large (and not for the first time). His owners declined to come for him, but Amy came to his rescue on his 10th—and would be final—day at the pound: “I was at the shelter that day evaluating a dog for a rescue and his intense stare and stress drooling just made me want to give him a chance. Once out of the kennel, he was great. His toy drive was off the charts, and I thought he’d make a great sport dog for someone and took him home to foster. I didn’t know at the time that someone would be me.”

In his 5 1/2 years of racing, Jack accumulated 13,678 points to earn the FMX title, earned a Champion-Gold multibreed title, and posted a personal best of 4.8.

The one who started it all for Mark! Spark is Australian shepherd who is often referred to as “Ms. Congeniality.” She was adopted from Saving Grace in North Carolina as a puppy and excels in everything she does! Spark truly loved the game, doing a superb job at training new handlers - she was always willing to run for anybody and a blast to run! Favorite things include: people, swimming, and Bender.

Spark debuted in May 2010 and raced for eight years, during which she accumulated 24,999 points and earned the titles of ONYX and Multibreed Master.

Hall of Fame

In memoriam to those kamikazes who left an enduring legacy with the team and an indelible impact on the hearts of their humans.

A Labrador retriever, Abby played flyball for about 6 years. She debuted in 2007 and retired in 2013, at the age of 12, after accumulating 31,221 points and earning the title Flyball Grand Champion. Her point total includes 15,584 multibreed points that qualified her as a Multibreed Master Champion.

Adopted by Teresa as a 2-year-old, Abby started training in obedience, rally, and canine freestyle before finding flyball. She loved flyball more than any other activity and once she landed on K9K, she blossomed. Abby ran in the high 4/low 5 range during her prime. Most notable about Abby as a flyball dog was her consistency - she never made a mistake - ever. She was the perfect dog for training up-and-comers on passing and her box turn was spot on.