K-9 Kamikazes


We are a small group of K-9s and their human companions who enjoy competing in the sport of flyball. We are located in Richmond, Virginia.

What is flyball?

Flyball is an interactive sport for dogs and handlers. A team sport, it’s a relay race between two teams of four dogs and handlers each, running side by side. The dogs are released one at a time to race over four jumps to a spring-loaded box.  When the dog executes his box turn, it triggers a ball for the dog to catch. With ball in his mouth, the dog races back over the jumps carrying the ball over the finish line. The next dog is released to pass the previous dog as soon as they cross the finish line. The first team to have all four dogs complete the course wins the heat. It’s tons of fun!

Why play flyball?

Dogs and humans love this sport! It’s fast and fun. Flyball dogs develop skills that translate well to daily life. Dogs must have serious impulse control skills, focus, and a reliable recall to complete the pattern successfully against the dog in the other lane. When you watch a flyball race, you can see that the dogs are truly racing.

The team factor makes flyball unique among dog sports. Handlers get to learn the skill and strategy of the game and hone their training techniques, all while having fun with their dogs and teammates. Every race is different depending on the dogs in the lineup and the team you’re running against. A major positive feature of the sport is the flyball community. Teams from around the region are friends and support each other even in competition.

Where Do competitions occur?

Founded in 1999, K9K is the only team in Richmond. However, there are nine other teams in Virginia and 400 active teams with 6,500 racing dogs registered with The North America Flyball Association (NAFA). K9K participates in NAFA region 9, which includes Virginia, West Virginia, and the Carolinas. K9K regularly participates in 7-8 tournaments held each year in Virginia and North Carolina and annually sends a team to NAFA’s CanAm Classic—the world’s largest flyball tournament— held every October.

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